Welcome to KernelMastery.com

My goal with this blog is three-fold:
  1. To document my learning and eventual mastery of the Linux kernel and Linux system administration,
  2. To empower you to use open-source software, and
  3. To create useful tutorials on numerous open-source topics, such as:

    • How to administer the Linux operating system
    • How to set up and use various distros, like Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS
    • How to configure an nginx server
    • How to get started using the Ghost blogging platform
    • How to set up an OwnCloud private cloud server
    • How to secure your systems using ssh
    • ... and more!

One of my first projects will be to review and document the steps I took using Digital Ocean to spin up a pre-made Ubuntu 14 Ghost Application server and create this blog.

Check back again for this later.

Some points to include for getting the Ubuntu Ghost Application up and running on Digital Ocean:


1) editing sites-available in nginx,
2) changing to --production mode in Ghost, and
3) starting and stoping the nginx service and the ghost service.