What I'm working on at the moment

The inspiration for this page comes from Derek Sivers' /now page movement.

March, 2022

  • Constant work to improve the backend for the company and do R&D for liquid and lightning where I can
  • Learning Go, slowly
  • Running again more

Interim Period

  • Built on OpenBSD. Pure HTML & CSS with a couple hand-curated snippets of Javascript. Backend analytics all done in bash/ksh.
  • Joined Bitcoin Exchange as full time Software Engineer

October, 2019

September, 2019

  • Building
  • Still learning more about Python and Data Science.

October, 2018

  • (September) I ran and completed my second marathon! Took me 4 hours and 58 minutes. Very happy to have met my goal of 'Under 5 Hours'!
  • (This Year) I completed 'Algorithms for Dummies', 'Doing Math with Python', and 'Practical Statistics for Data Scientists'.
  • (Now) I am working on 'Data Science from Scratch' and 'Deep Learning with Python' textbooks.

[ ... long hiatus from "Now" updates.. ]

December, 2017

  • (September) I ran and completed my first marathon! Took me 5 hours and 17 minutes. Very happy to have finished!
  • Working on Algorithms for Dummies right now, great easy book, intro to Python and Algorithms (both).

August, 2017

  • Training for my Marathon next month
  • Working more on scripting and automation: bash and perl primarily
  • Sketching out a rough idea for a self-hosted 'crypto-assets' portfolio (more details forthcoming...)
  • Still studying for Network+

June, 2017

  • Studying for Network+ test (likely next month)
  • Training for Marathon (September)
  • Networking with Seattle-area Bitcoin/Blockchain enthusiasts
  • Studying macro-economics and commodities markets (gold and oil)

May, 2017

  • Finished Network+ textbook; studying for test, likely June.
  • Learning about InfiniBand capabilities: e.g. RDMA, NFS, FLEXBOOT (like PXE).
  • Training for 'Beat the Blerch' Marathon in September, averaging 10-12mi/wk currently. Next milestone: Run for 2hr 20min straight.
  • Reading 'Foundation' again (Asimov)
  • Engaging in technical review and support-planning for RFPs; volunteering to assist in on-site support/engineering visits to customer sites as much as possible.

January, 2017

  • Up to chapter 17 in Network+
  • Continuing to learn about Linux, e.g. ASPM power-save kernel parameter causing RAID cards and drives to idle (and crash)
  • Began training for marathon in September of this year. Next step: run for 1hr 40min straight in training.

September, 2016

  • Learning about Vagrant and virtual machine deployment with VMware and Virtual Machine Manager.
  • Recovering from my half-marathon - completed! No serious injuries.
  • Reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street, by Burton G. Malkiel.
  • Slowly reading the Network+ book. Up to Ch. 8 now.

August, 2016:

  • Learning hardware, working as Support Engineer at Silicon Mechanics.
  • Training for half-marathon next month.
  • Studying for Network+ certification using Mike Meyers' CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide.
  • Studying for LFCE certification at Linux Academy.


In my personal life I am:

  • Continuing what I call my "Gradual Exponential Running Training Program" [i.e. 'Couch to Half-Marathon'):
    • Stage 1: Jog two minutes per day for two days.
    • Stage 2: Jog four minutes per day for four days.
    • Stage 3: Jog eight minutes per day for eight days.
    • Stage 4: 16 minutes/day for 16 days.
    • Stage 5: 32 minutes/day for 32 days.
    • Stage 6: 64 minutes/day for 64 days.
      • Judging as I am currently averaging 0.8 mi on my 8-minute days (Stage 3), I should reach 1.6 mi on my 16-minute runs, 3.2 mi on my 32 minute runs, and at least 6.4 mi on my 64-minute runs.
      • When I can sustain running 6.4+ miles multiple times per week I will consider myself ready for my Beat the Blerch Half-Marathon... (see below)
  • Training for a half-marathon this summer called "Beat the Blerch".
  • Tending my budding orchard of walnut and pecan trees.
  • Studying for my Linux+ exam.
  • Doing various long-overdue remodeling and landscaping projects at home.
  • Attending meetups in the Seattle area for DevOps, Linux, Development/Programming, PostgreSQL, etc.

In my efforts to master Linux and DevOps I am: